The Warrioress collection is inspired from tribal stones and shapes that when placed around one's neck, can immediately transport us to the remembrance and feeling of how strong we truly are. We go to war daily, fighting for our friends and family and for ourselves. But out of LOVE. Not hate. A true Warrioress in the book of POUND defends her tribe and kingdom out of LOVE. POUND on. Battle and fight for love.


Wearing a piece of POUND Jewelry feels like a sacred initiation, a rite of passage. They are made with incredible care, love and deep intuitive wisdom. These aspects of the jewels can be heavily felt in the Priestess Collection and the necklaces are designed to bring a sense of ritual, strength, and raw elegance to you. Reminding you that you have the power to bless others with your own sacred wisdom. 


A Sorceress is she who practices magic. POUND Jewelry is infused with a feminine power that inspires each of us to access the magical abilities we all carry within. This power radiates from each of our Sorceress POUND pieces. Be it the power of positive thinking, the ability to multi-task as a mother, wife, girlfriend, lover, business owner, teacher, seductress etc., we all have incredibly enchanting prowess which we utilize to cast our spells out into the world in sisterhood and for the well-being of all mankind.