AGATE:  Appearing in an array of colors, agate is almost always formed by bands and layers, giving it a ‘striped’ appearance, These bands are similar in nature to the bands within a tree trunk, revealing it’s many layers and many stages of life. Agate was discovered by Neolithic peoples and was utilized as an amulet for healing during the Babylon days. It is also known as the “Earth rainbow” and is an incredibly stabilizing and balancing stone, creating a center space for feminine and masculine or yin/yang energies. POUND loves using agate and we use it often to symbolize our connection to one another and to the Earth itself. 

Lepidocrocite: This stone occurs in quartz and is one of the Sacred Seven minerals, aka Melody's Stone. It is known for assisting us in healing romantic relationships, as well as our relationship with Self. It allows for a deep self-forgiveness and carries incredible emotional healing energies. It opens the heart chakra, increasing our ability to love others and ourselves. It is a powerful stone for enhancing intuition and telepathic abilities and is known for assisting us in communicating with the angelic kingdom and guides. Lepidocrocite is good for oxygenation, cellular regeneration, depression and hormonal shifts. 

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