AGATE:  Appearing in an array of colors, agate is almost always formed by bands and layers, giving it a ‘striped’ appearance, These bands are similar in nature to the bands within a tree trunk, revealing it’s many layers and many stages of life. Agate was discovered by Neolithic peoples and was utilized as an amulet for healing during the Babylon days. It is also known as the “Earth rainbow” and is an incredibly stabilizing and balancing stone, creating a center space for feminine and masculine or yin/yang energies. POUND loves using agate and we use it often to symbolize our connection to one another and to the Earth itself. 


Cobalto Calcite: (aka "Pink Druzy"): A stone of unconditional love, Cobalto Calcite is a beautiful pink druzy formed of both calcite and cobalt. It is a fairly rare stone, discovered in the Congo not long ago. It is a powerful heart healer, often utilized by those with a broken heart or for those who find it hard to love oneself. It is often used by healers to guard from taking on the pain and grief of others. It is also used as a stone for attracting abundance and releasing worries and anxiety over money.

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